How we deliver you delicious catering with sustainable methods

How we deliver you delicious catering with sustainable methods

We all know about the climate crisis that we and future generations are facing. We all know we need to act now to help prevent something catastrophic happening in years to come. Yet not all of us can be in places of power to decide on the largest changes. But we can all do something little every day, congregate together with our greener living choices to make a difference.

Green Bike Food Company has been built as our way of doing something. We are fuelled by supporting others in making greener choices, and driven by the goal that over time we can be in a position to enforce change.

Below is a summary of everything we are doing currently in our first step to building a greener future.


Pioneering Innovative Delivery Methods

Transport emissions which primarily involve road, rail, air and marine transportation, accounted for over 24% of global CO2 emissions in 2016. They're also expected to grow at a faster rate than that from any other sector. Of this 76% of emissions are emitted by road vehicles.

All of our delivery drivers operate electric powered vehicles when delivering our food. This is a hugely important aspect of our eco-friendly operation and the longevity of Green Bike Food Company.

By choosing to use electric vehicles powered from renewable sources we reduce our output of transport emissions to 0 and allows us to make a huge step to achieving our aim of becoming a carbon neutral business.


Deciphering wastage channels for our customers

Green Bike Food Company is committed to using entirely recyclable or compostable packaging. With many disposable packaging options, there are specifics behind ensuring the correct materials are disposed of in the correct way.

When completing an order to your site we are happy to pick up all packaging waste from your previous delivery so we can ensure it is disposed of at the correct facilities. Some of our customers have queried why we still use some plastics in our deliveries and we want to assure everyone that this has been thought through completely. Many packaging items we use today have ‘green credentials’ such as ‘compostable’ or ‘biodegradable’ packaging. They are definitely greener than many items we have used for years, however, if they are disposed of incorrectly they still can have a negative impact on the environment. So, we are setting up to disrupt this negative cycle we are stuck in through our waste collection service..

Stripe Climate

We focus not only on doing less harm to the environment, but also on how we can actively improve it. A portion of our revenue goes towards the removal of carbon from the environment through our partnership with Stripe Climate. When choose Green Bike, you are funding cutting-edge climate change solutions and helping scale emerging carbon removal technologies.

Check out more information on Stripe Climate HERE

International Tree Foundation

The International Tree Foundation has been pioneering community led forest restoration since it was founded in 1922. They share our vision for a greener, more sustainable world and have set out on a journey of planting trees, restoring forests and strengthening communities and their ecosystem resilience.

Our partnership will enable us to plant trees with the foundation, offsetting our carbon footprint that we may incur during the startup phase of our business.

We are proud to support such an important cause, however, it has only been made possible by the strength of our community at Green Bike.

Learn more about the International Tree Foundation HERE

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