4 Reasons to Choose BBQ for Your Next Corporate Catering Event

Flame Cooked Chicken on Hot Grill

When preparing to host a corporate catering event, it can be difficult to establish a clear theme surrounding your food and beverages. But fear not! We have four of the best reasons why we think a corporate barbeque makes for the perfect choice, no matter the size or timing of your event.


From food choices, to socialising and sizes, you can find out tips for hosting a successful corporate barbecue below. 

Variety of Delicious Food Options

Barbeques are the ideal way to serve a wide variety of delicious food options, ensuring that everybody has something they enjoy. 


Classic smoked meats are a staple for a successful barbeque; from juicy meats such as brisket and ribs, through to classics like grilled chicken, beef burgers and hot dogs. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to guarantee full-marks across the board. 


With that said, no barbeque is complete without a range of side dishes that perfectly complement the meats. Dishes such as macaroni cheese, coleslaw, baked beans and potato salad are guaranteed to please guests and keep tummies fuller for longer. 

Casual and Relaxed Atmosphere

Adopting a casual and relaxed atmosphere is most desirable for a corporate barbeque. Hosting events outside of working hours is the perfect opportunity to encourage colleagues to mingle and network with each other in an informal setting. 


These corporate catering events are ideal for encouraging stronger communication between employees and a strengthened level of interaction, both inside and outside the workplace. 


Creating this atmosphere for guests to enjoy will assist them in getting to know each other better and will leave the lasting memory of an enjoyable event which they won’t hesitate to re-visit. 

Easy to Scale for Large Groups

Companies that aim to deliver quality barbeque catering services are familiar with how to scale an event up or down depending on the number of attendees. 


Whether you are catering for 20 people or 200 people, professional corporate caterers will be able to scale an event’s size accordingly. This includes food and beverages as well as number of tables, chairs, cutlery and venue size. 


Barbeques make the ideal choice for events of a large size as a result of the ease of scaling the volume of all equipment and food needed. It’s also worth having a discussion with your local corporate caterer about customising the event to suit your needs. 

Unique and Memorable Experience

Creating a relaxed atmosphere and providing quality food and drink to your guests is a strong starting point for making your event unique and memorable. Ensuring that everybody feels comfortable and able to mingle with fellow colleagues in such a social setting will make for the ideal gathering.


These kinds of events assist in building team morale and strengthen connections that can be carried forward into the office. This enhances the structure of the team and/or business by creating an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing successes and challenges. 

Corporate Barbeque Catering Services from Green Bike Food

At Green Bike Food, we understand the importance of creating the perfect corporate event for you; we are more than happy to discuss individual needs and tailor your event to suit your business!


Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you create the perfect event for your guests. 

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