Five Ways You Can Support Your Local Corporate Catering Company  

If you want to nourish your community's roots while savouring delectable dishes, supporting your local corporate catering company is akin to watering a flourishing garden. The impact of your actions goes beyond mere meals; it fosters a sense of belonging and shared success in your neighbourhood.

By engaging with these businesses, you elevate their standing in the local scene and contribute to sustainable practices by encouraging local sourcing. As you consider how to lend your support, five key strategies can make a difference.


Why Should You Support Your Local Catering Company?

Supporting your local catering company fosters a sense of community and team spirit and helps to boost the business's reputation within the local community.


By engaging with a local catering company, you're actively contributing to the growth and success of a business deeply rooted in your community. Your support not only helps them thrive but also showcases the importance of local companies in shaping the identity and economy of your area.


When you opt for local catering services, you aren't just purchasing a meal; you're investing in the future of a business that values the relationships it builds with its customers. Your decision to support local catering also has a ripple effect on the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of transporting food over long distances.


Top 5 Ways to Support Your Local Catering Company

You can show your support for your local catering company in various ways. Below are a few of our favourites. 


1. Recommending them on Social Media

On social media, leveraging the power of sharing and liking promotional posts can significantly boost your local catering company's visibility and reputation in the community. A simple share or like from you can go a long way in reaching a broader audience and attracting potential clients.


By recommending catering companies on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you help create a buzz around their services, increasing awareness and interest from others in your area. Your social media endorsement can serve as a valuable testimonial for the company, influencing others to consider their catering services for their events.


2. Leave Reviews for them Following an Excellent Service

After experiencing exceptional service from your local catering company, consider leaving a glowing review to showcase their excellence to others in the community. By sharing your positive experience, you boost their reputation and help potential customers make informed decisions.


Reviews act as a powerful marketing tool, making the business more visible and trustworthy. Remember, honesty in your feedback is key; constructive criticism can assist the company in enhancing its services. Your review could be the deciding factor for someone looking for catering services.


3. Never Underestimate the Power of Word-of-Mouth

Following an exceptional dining experience from your local catering company, recognising the influence of word-of-mouth can significantly contribute to their success.


Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can positively impact a small community business like a local catering company. When individuals attend family gatherings or social events catered by them, they can mention the business to others, potentially leading to future bookings.


4. Attend Local Events they are Showcasing

Attending local events where catering companies are showcasing their offerings can help generate community support and boost its visibility.


Spread the word about the event to draw a local crowd and make recommendations to encourage others to check out the catering company. Your presence at these events can make a significant impact on the success of the business.


Supporting your local caterer in this way helps them gain valuable exposure and secure future business opportunities. So, mark your calendar and show your support by attending the events they're showcasing.


5. Donate to Local Causes that Support their Success

Consider supporting your local catering company's success by donating to local causes that align with their values and mission. By contributing to charities or fundraising events that are close to the heart of your catering company, you not only show your support for the community but also help to strengthen the foundation of the business.


Your donations can make a significant impact on their growth and success, allowing them to continue providing excellent service to you and others in the area. 


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