A Greener Return: 5 Sustainable Tips for Office Catering as Employees Come Back

Why Should You Consider Corporate Catering for Your Office?

Though it may sound simple, catering is an art, especially to a larger group of people. With so much to consider at once, corporate catering from a professional is often the most favourable option. 


Professional corporate caterers ensure that everything runs smoothly for the entire event, allowing you to take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy the company of your guests. 


By doing so, you are implementing the belief that your employees are important to you and you value their efforts to attend the event. As the employer, you are also responsible for demonstrating company values, and what better way to do this than a big corporate event?

5 Top Tips For Planning Office Catering

Planning ahead of time is guaranteed to ensure your event is a success. Below are our five top tips to consider when planning your next corporate event. 

Work Out People’s Preferences

To maximise guest satisfaction at your event, ask ahead of time what people would prefer to eat and drink. This ensures you have more than enough to go around without generating unnecessary waste.


Whether you are planning a three-course formal dinner party or a buffet of food for employees to enjoy, curate a list of employee preferences to help maximise your budget and provide your dream event. 

Keep Hand Sanitiser Handy


Following the events of COVID-19, employees may still hesitate to mingle with others in a social setting, so prioritising their comfort and safety is paramount. 


Your workplace should already have certain practices in place, such as accessible hand sanitiser, to reduce the risk of infection in the future, so gathering in a shared space can seem less daunting for those who remain cautious. 

Conduct a Headcount of Attendees

Following on from a reduced waste perspective, knowing a rough number of attendees for your event ensures that you have an adequate amount of additional features such as seating, tables, food and a large enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably. 

Keep Things Simple

Try not to overcomplicate things. When planning an event for a larger group of people, it’s natural that your mind will run between numerous things, many of which are largely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. 


Our best advice is to keep it as simple as possible. Sometimes, less is more, especially when trying to please everyone. Focus on the parts you can easily provide and let the professional corporate caterers handle the rest!

Research Sustainable Options

Sustainability is becoming even more necessary for the planet, and what better way to demonstrate it than through corporate catering options? This shows employees that you are actively changing the business’s carbon footprint and bettering the environment one step at a time. 


Consider using standard, reusable cutlery instead of single-use plastic cutlery, including plates and glasses too. Think about the best ways to make your venue sustainable, including electricity usage and location for public transport.

Sustainable and Trustworthy Corporate Catering from Green Bike Food

At the Green Bike Food Co., we believe that your corporate event should be everything that you’d hoped for. We pride ourselves on delivering delicious and sustainable catering fresh from a fully customisable menu. 

To find out more about how we can deliver your ideal corporate catering for your next event, get in touch today!

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