9 Ways You Can Elevate Your Work Social Events

A massive 82 per cent of workers in the UK said they would love it if their workplace organised more frequent team-building events, including work social events.

By ‘work social’, we don't mean a 20-minute chat as you meet another colleague at the coffee machine. We mean a real get-together with food, drink, team-building challenges and the sole purpose of getting to know each other individually and as a team. 

But if you throw the same corporate social event every month, you’ll likely see attendance numbers dwindle. Here, we have compiled a handy collection of unique ways to elevate your work social events to excite and intrigue colleagues. 

 The Importance of Work Social Events

First, why are work social events important to company culture? For one, they invite a personal and friendly atmosphere into the workspace. As most people spend most of their waking hours at work, getting to know your colleagues is crucial.

Of course, you don’t have to be best friends with your entire workforce. But strengthening the connection between everybody in a team will benefit colleagues inside and outside the office. It also gives everybody something to look forward to at the end of each week/month/quarter!

 9 Exciting Ways to Enhance Your Work Social Events

Below are ten simple yet highly effective ways to boost the overall feel of your work social and give all attendees something to remember. 

 1. Give Your Team Social a Theme

Firstly, establishing a theme for your event is one of the simplest places to start when it comes to enhancing your corporate event. Think about something the group has in common or a theme they would be interested in. 

You could choose to wear a specific colour to the event, pick a letter from the alphabet and have different foods beginning with that letter, and even base all activities on a particular country. Find a local corporate caterer that could easily accommodate a particular food with delicious food and drinks. 

 2. Host a Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn events are perfect for a team with a jam-packed schedule. Busy lives make it hard for teams to get together after hours; lunch and learn allow colleagues to work and learn things together as well as conversing and getting to know each other. 


You could order tasty sandwich platters or packed lunch bundles to be delivered during the event to satisfy hungry tummies.

 3. Charity Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are ideal for bringing teams together and engaging in physical activities. You could host your own charity day, set up stalls with games and sponsored events, or participate in organised events such as a Tough Mudder. 

 4. Host a Film Marathon 

Film marathons make the perfect winter social event. If you don't already have one, you can hire a projector screen and bring bean bags and comfy seats into the office to enjoy employee’s favourite movies. 


Snacks are a must too!

 5. Add Some Entertainment

If you have an impromptu work-social event and don't have enough time to plan anything formal, you can put on some music and dance. Again, another excellent opportunity to have some catering delivered to snack on in between dance moves.

6. Have an Office Bake-Off

Encourage each team member to whip up a tasty treat and bring it into the office for your very own cook-off competition. You can then judge whose is the group's favourite and award prizes to those deserving of them. 

 7. Offer Interactive Activities

Activities such as video games and physical games such as Twister can encourage everybody to have a laugh and engage in ways they usually wouldn't in a working day. 

One of the best ways to get a team bonding with each other is through an interactive game, so choose wisely!

 9. Work Sports Day

During the warmer months, a work sports day is perfect for bringing out everybody’s competitive side. Sports days encourage everybody to get active and prompt healthy competition and communication, which can be taken back into the office. 

 10. Board Game Tournament

You can guarantee that everybody in the office owns or has a favourite board game. A board game tournament is perfect for you if you are looking for the perfect way to engage all team members whilst engaging all parts of the brain. 

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