5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Corporate Caterers

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5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Corporate Caterers

The responsibilities of event organisation never seem to end. You have to organise the required amount of food and drink options (while factoring all their guests’ dietary restrictions) and also think carefully about the event space and how it’ll accommodate everyone safely.

While requesting catering for offices, business meetings, and events can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be if you outsource catering services to a third party.

Organising Event Catering

There are professional, experienced corporate caterers that can take the stress and hassle away from you, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your event.

Even if you have a kitchen or catering equipment to handle the food preparation and cleanup, hiring a business catering company specialising in all types of events will offer you more benefits than you realise. 

Many catering companies don’t just handle the food prep and collection of used packaging; some can provide cutlery or COVID-secure buffet utensils and numerous other tools to make your job easier.
Whether you have a business lunch, office party, charity event or another corporate event, bear this in mind: the food and drink are what your guests will remember the most from an event.

5 Reasons to Hire a Corporate Catering Company

Outsourcing your business catering offers you so many benefits, some of which are highlighted below.

1. Catering Menu Choice and Variety

When choosing your catering options, you’ll be free to choose from a wide range of styles, cuisines and amounts. For example, if you’re ordering breakfast food for a business networking event, you may benefit from certain food types like fresh pastries, fruit platters or individually-wrapped sandwiches or rolls.

If your total guest count doesn’t warrant the need for a large order of buffet food, you may benefit from Individual Buffy Bags as these can be more cost-effective. Alternatively, sandwich platters are popular options.

The point is that you have a wide variety of options to consider.

2. Professional Catering Advice

Some catering companies specialise in certain cuisines, offering unique sharing options like Antipasti or Indian platters, or Ploughman’s boards. Your business caterers can offer insight and advice on what’ll work best for your event, finding you the most cost-efficient and, most importantly, high-quality food. 

For example, you may have guests that have specific dietary needs which the online menu may not cater for. In this case, ask your corporate catering company what they can do. Chances are that they’ll accommodate you and provide a relevant option so all your guests can love the food they’re provided.

3. Third-Party Catering Saves Time

Venue and event organisation is a full-time job anyway, so think of all the additional time and thinking space you could gain by letting a third-party catering company handle that responsibility.

All of your food and beverage catering needs will be handled by a company that specialises in all aspects of business catering, so you’ll be in capable hands.

4. Hygiene and Food Safety

Hiring a professional catering company with Food Hygiene ratings of 5 stars - like the Green Bike Food Company - gives you complete peace of mind that the food will be safe. 

Not everyone outside the food industry is fully aware of the strict quality control measures that business caterers need to follow to be compliant. Therefore, if you know your catering service has this stamp of approval, you’ll know your food selections will be 100% safe.

5. The Food is of Higher Quality

High-quality and delicious food choices lead to happy guests. 

Whether you have the in-house kitchen and food preparation facilities or not, an office catering company knows the highest quality ingredients. Deep down, you’ll know that local corporate caterers will prepare your menu to the highest standards because their reputation rests on them providing delicious catering that your guests can enjoy.

Why You Need Business Catering in Reading

These are just a few benefits of hiring catering professionals. You won't realise how reassuring and liberating it is until you take the chance and entrust them with your office or business catering.

At the Green Bike Food Company, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, great food, menu variety and commitment to eco-friendliness. We are corporate caterers in Reading, delivering nutritious and delicious meals to local businesses across the Thames Valley, helping them save money and stay green while doing so.

Why not consider our Back to Business bundles and special offers if you’re in the process of returning to the office post-COVID?

If you’d like to enquire about us catering for your next event, you can order food directly to your location via our online menu. Have a browse through our many options, or, to request a bespoke quote, submit an order enquiry or call us directly on 0118 975 8198.

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