Office Breakfast Club: Promoting Team Bonding through Breakfast Catering

Breakfast. Highly important but often ignored. One in five of us skip this all-important meal and won't have our first bite until midday. But not only does it benefit our physical health, but breakfast also has multiple mental benefits for us. 

The following blog discusses how businesses can promote team building through healthy breakfast catering and why it’s vital. Let's dive in!

Why is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

It’s said so often that many think it’s an old wive’s tale, but it’s true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many reasons. 


Among its various benefits, eating breakfast in the morning can improve concentration and avoids pre-lunch snacking. It replenishes your blood sugar levels, which naturally drop when sleeping. Eating breakfast gives you the energy you need to have a productive morning. 


Not only this but consistently ensuring you have a healthy and filling breakfast can provide the essential nutrients your body needs to maintain the upkeep of any long-term health benefits and provides you with the routine your body needs to stay happy and healthy.

Team Building Can Be a Difficult Thing to Overcome

People will often find an excuse not to eat breakfast but equally will do the same when it comes to networking and team building. Introducing the idea of a healthy and filling breakfast to employees can assist in introducing team conversations and lets people bond over topics other than work. 


By creating your own stress-free and relaxed corporate breakfast club for employees, many will feel they can relax before the working day begins rather than dashing through the door at one minute to nine. Teams can append time having a general catch-up and discuss any upcoming plans or aspirations and goals. Equally, enjoying the start of a busy day is just as beneficial.


Most people would avoid sitting together so early in the morning, but building these relationships is vital to the company's success. It can encourage a more blended and cohesive working environment. 

Bonding Over Food Is Casual and Has Its Benefits

Though at work, conversations aren’t required to be about work at all. They could be about what you got up to at the weekend or what you enjoy doing in your spare time. When things get busy at work, we fail to talk to those around us about the things that matter to us. 

Our physical and mental well-being goes by the wayside, and we don’t have the time to communicate our feelings and thoughts with those we spend most of our day with. Create a welcoming and open environment which encourages people to use the time to share their life outside of work and regain the support needed from their colleagues. 

Ensuring all employees are happy and healthy in their roles can boost morale within the rest of the team; take time to listen to any queries or complaints people have and offer the support and reassurance they are seeking to help make the office a better place to work.'

The Struggles of Hosting a Breakfast Club

Among their busy lives, many would dream of having the extra half an hour in the mornings to attend a breakfast club but, sadly, are juggling too many responsibilities to find that extra time. 

Others are already in the routine of skipping breakfast and are no longer hungry at any point before lunch. Either that or they do not enjoy conventional breakfast options such as toast, cereal or pastries. 

Not only this, it is often a lot of work to collect the food required for a breakfast club, and many local catering companies don’t offer their services so early in the morning. However, at Green Bike Food, we are ready and raring to deliver delicious breakfasts to offices, taking the hassle out of catering for large groups. 

Nutritious and Healthy Breakfast Corporate Catering From Green Bike Food.

At Green Bike Food, we believe that your corporate catering should be sustainable and nutritious. We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest and highest quality breakfasts and lunches to businesses in the Thames Valley and surrounding areas.

To find out how we can provide your ideal office catering, please get in touch with us today. 

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