Sweet Endings: Desserts that Sweeten Up Corporate Gatherings

You’re chatting away to a new business partner at your work’s corporate event with a savoury snack in one hand and your glass of juice in the other. As you finish your last mouthful, your mind is distracted by an intrusive thought: I could really do with something sweet. 


Your office manager was so focused on providing the main buffet that they forgot to cater for those with a sweet tooth. For now, you’ll settle with the juice, but you offer to arrange a corporate caterer for the next event, just to be safe!


If you’re an office manager preparing to host a corporate event, this blog will change how you wrap up your event and leave a lasting impression in the form of a sweet treat. Let’s begin!

7 Mouth-Watering Desserts for Your Next Event

Below, we have detailed seven of our highly recommended sweet desserts for your next corporate event. If you happen to need assistance with providing said sweet treats, may we suggest a local corporate catering company to provide these for you professionally? Just a thought!

1. Pastry Selection

You can never go wrong with a strong pastry selection. You can guarantee that any pastries ranging from plain and simple, like the trusty croissant, to fruitful pastries, such as chocolate brioche desserts, will be a hit. 

You won’t have any guests flaking away from your event when there are pastries on offer!

2. Cookie Assortment

One of the simplest ways to satisfy many guests with a sweet treat is a cookie assortment. They are incredibly easy to make or source locally, and the flavour combinations are endless. 

Some classic flavours include chocolate chip, white chocolate, double chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate, and a smarties-filled cookie if you’re feeling brave. 

3. Cheese Board

Now, you may be thinking, ‘But cheese is a savoury dessert,’ and you’d be correct, but the delicious fruits accompanying it are the sweet kick guests are looking for. Gather a selection of popular cheeses such as cheddar, red Leicester, gorgonzola, brie and camembert. Accompany these with some ripened green and red grapes on the vine, and you have the recipe for success. 

4. Biscuit Platter

Cracking out the biscuit tin after a large meal is a homely move among many families in the UK, providing a sense of relaxation and homeliness to any corporate space. Make sure you have tea and coffee aplenty to offer guests for dipping!

5. Mini Cakes

Cake, in all shapes and sizes, is a guaranteed hit among guests of any gathering. Think about sourcing a large, traditional cake that people can cut from, choosing their desired serving size, or providing smaller, assorted cakes for people to take as they mingle with others. 


For the highest satisfaction levels, stick to classics such as Victoria Sponge, chocolate cake, lemon drizzle, carrot cake or coffee cake. 

6. Variety of Muffins

Like cookies and biscuits, muffins are a quick and easy way to satisfy guests after their main meal or picky bits. With so many flavour combinations to choose from, you can guarantee that there will be a taste for all to enjoy. Some classic flavours include Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry. 

7. Mini Afternoon Tea

A mini afternoon tea is a sophisticated spin on a sweet classic, designed to be eaten as a meal in itself. Combining scones, jams and cream together in one tasty snack, afternoon tea will provide that much-needed sweet touch to your next corporate event. 

Sustainable Dessert Options for Your Next Corporate Event From Green Bike Food

We have a wide range of sweet treats available for you to choose from when planning your next corporate event or meeting. Our services are completely customisable, and we tailor our deliveries to suit your preferences.


If you’d like more information on how we can cater for your next office gathering, please contact us!

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