Is fast food or business catering better for the workforce?

Office workers enjoying salads

Is fast food or business catering better for the workforce?

During a busy work day, many will nip to a local fast food restaurant for a quick solution to their hunger. Granted, a cheap and convenient option, but will it fuel your body properly for the rest of your day? Would you rather your employees be happy for the first hour after a fast-food lunch and then hit the two o’clock dip, or remain sustained for the rest of the work day after a fulfilling, nutritious lunch?

Find out below how healthy office lunch ideas or a business buffet may benefit employees more than a fast-food lunch.

Would Employees Prefer to Have Fast Food Ordered or a Professionally-Catered Menu?

Over time the demand for healthy lunch options to sustain employees throughout the day has increased significantly. Nutritional office catering offers many possible benefits, including aiding work performance.

Below are some reasons to consider switching to a healthy office catering menu:


Professionally catered lunches have a wide variety of healthy options for a business lunch that can accommodate any of your employee’s dietary needs. For example, Green Bike Food offer healthy catering platters with various food combinations.

Business dining provides your employees with healthy food that will keep them sustained throughout the day. This differs from the effects of a takeaway; due to higher salt content and limited nutritional value,  takeaways leave employees to crash throughout the afternoon and aren't as productive as they could be, had they been sustained.


Eating lunch together as a team helps improve team morale, helping employees create stronger relationships with one another. A recent study shows a direct link between sharing meals and higher-performing teams.

It has been found that co-workers who have stronger relationships with each other perform better as a team while having fewer disagreements. An easy method for strengthening these relationships is offering employees the opportunity to bond in a corporate environment, whilst setting themselves up for the rest of the day.

Quality of Service

The nature of visiting fast food joints has the potential to make your employees feel as though they are “just a number”, resulting in an overall poor customer service experience. 


Professional office catering, offered by local, sustainable caterers such as Green Bike Food Co., offer a personalised service, while still ensuring employees are consuming food of nutritional value, resulting in a great experience. 

Examples of Healthy Office Catering

Chicken skewers are an excellent way to pack in the protein. Bursting with a multitude of health benefits, juicy chicken skewers are a hit, whether it be during an office meeting or a team-building lunch.


Another example is a hearty salad packed with the nation’s favourite salad combinations. Lettuce, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, radish, sweetcorn, a rich cheese, tangy dressing drizzled all over - the list goes on! Even offer a buffet of salad bits and let employees create their salad pick-n-mix.


Lastly, you may want to offer employees diverse and varied platter options to help sustain them. Catering companies with experience in catering for offices and corporate events will have the perfect combination of platter features to supply an office full of hungry employees.


Why Healthy Options Are Better For The Workforce

Healthy options have been found to benefit employees’ physical and mental health, helping them to work harder throughout the day. If the team is well-fed with healthy options to help sustain them throughout the day, they are likely to perform better because they feel better!

It has also been found that those who eat healthy food at least 4 times a week show a 25% higher job performance than those who don’t. That means just a small tweak to unhealthy eating habits can lead to not only increased work performance but also a positive impact on an employee’s overall health too.

It is believed that workers who make healthier choices take far fewer sick days and are much more productive and efficient.

Healthy and Sustainable Office Catering From The Green Bike Food Co.

If you are looking for a professional corporate caterer, with a passion for producing healthy and sustainable nutrition to suit a variety of diets, look no further than the Green Bike Food Co. 

We strive to ensure local businesses are supplied with healthy lunch catering of the highest standard and aim to keep your employees happy throughout the day. We offer healthy breakfast and lunch options to suit any business. Order online or get in touch today! 

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