Feeding Creativity: How Food Choices Influence Workplace Innovation

Food and Creativity: Is There a Link?

There is a clear link between the food we consume and the creativity levels we can put into our work. Food is vital for supporting the brain's constant development and enhancing our skills, particularly in our work. 


Picture this: you’re attending your office’s quarterly meeting, and the managing director grills you about what the business could do better in the next quarter. You haven’t eaten breakfast, and lunchtime is fast approaching. As your stomach rumbles, you are stuck on how to answer because your brain isn’t fueled properly, not enough to answer such an important question. 


Taking the time to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs for the day is essential for maintaining your well-being, producing quality ideas, and generally performing better.


Types of Brain Food 

So, what types of food should you be feeding your body for proper levels of nutrition? Here are our top three suggestions for optimal performance. 

1. Fruits and Vegetables

For decades, fruit and vegetables have been encouraged as one of the most fundamental parts of our diet, which still stands today. Fruits and vegetables provide us with countless benefits, including nutrients that strengthen our brain development and aid in higher focus levels. 


For example, Blueberries have been labelled with the nickname ‘brain berries’. They are bursting with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that have been proven to delay the ageing of the brain and improve our memory skills. 


2. Fatty Fish

Now we know what you’re thinking… anything ‘fatty’ can’t possibly be good for you. But here’s where the exception applies. Fish such as Salmon, Trout and Sardines are the brain's best friend when it comes to looking after yourself. 


Though they may be fatty, they are mega-rich in Omega-3, which is essential for aiding cognitive functions and memory skills. Paired with your essential carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables, you have the recipe for success!


3. Nuts and Seeds

Thirdly, adding nuts and seeds to your diet doesn’t just add texture and an extra crunch to your meals and snacks, but provides you with a source of essential fatty acids and a generous dose of vitamin E. 


Nuts and seeds also shield those all-important neurons, giving your brain the capacity and ability to let the natural creative juices flow with no interruption. Some examples of easy-to-find nuts and seeds include Walnuts, Flaxseeds and Chia seeds. 


The Effect of Quality Catering on Employees

The reason we have mentioned the effect of nutrition on your working life time and time again is because we believe that your corporate catering should provide you with the most beneficial nutrients for you to perform at your best.


Eating well, particularly at work, can boost productivity and motivate employees to succeed both individually and as part of a team.  They are also more likely to complete their work to a high standard.


Not only this, you are likely to see working relationships strengthened and a greater bond between you as the employer and your staff, as they begin to show care and compassion back.


Quality and Sustainable Corporate Catering From the Green Bike Food Co.

At the Green Bike Food Co, we offer sustainably sourced, affordable corporate catering to busy businesses in the Thames Valley, out to Oxford and London. We help offices improve their eating habits, providing fully customisable menus full of delicious options. 

To discover more about what we can do for you, don't hesitate to get in touch or visit our menu here.

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