How Far in Advance Should You Hire Event Catering?

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How Far in Advance Should You Hire Event Catering?

When hosting an event, the last thing you need is a lack of available caterers. The food and beverages at any event are often the most memorable features that stick with guests after the event. 

Business owners dedicate a large portion of their budget to catering when organising a corporate event. In 2021 alone, the population of the UK spent a total of £240 billion pounds on food, drink and catering; hence the importance of having quality catering at your event and booking the caterer far enough in advance to secure their availability.

In this blog, we will share with you five key things to consider when deciding to book your corporate caterer with enough time to avoid disappointment. 

Event Size

The event size is the first thing to consider. Depending on the occasion, there may be quite a few guests you want to cater to. In this case, caterers must source the correct equipment to complete the job at hand. 

For large events hosting several hundred guests, it’s advisable to make contact and start planning with your chosen caterer at least six weeks beforehand. This leaves enough time to gather all the necessary resources to make the event a success. 

Due to lesser demand, those hosting fifty or fewer guests at the event can begin this process just a few weeks before the event. 

The Time of Year

The second crucial factor to consider is the time of year you are looking to host your event. Christmas time, for example, is an extremely busy period for caterers, with many businesses looking to celebrate with their colleagues over food and beverages. 

As this is the case for the majority of people, most book their catering months in advance to avoid disappointment. If you are looking to host an event around a popular time of year, consider looking for your caterer a suitable amount of time in advance. 

It’s also worth noting that caterers may have a slight increase in costs for these busy periods. This is due to the demand and sheer quantity of food and drinks they are providing in one go. 

Type of Event

When preparing to book your caterer, take into account the type of event you will be hosting. For example, decide how many courses you will be serving to guests and what these courses will consist of. Will it be a three-course meal? Will there be a buffet served for the guests? 


You will also need to review how long you will require catering services for your event. The longer the caterer is hired, the more likely it is to cost more and will need to be booked even further in advance.

Location of the Event

The event’s location is another extremely important factor to consider when planning your event. A catering business will require a brief about the venue and what equipment they will need to bring besides the catering itself.

For example, some caterers may need to set up stalls at the venue prior to the event or source crockery to lay out for guests. This will understandably take up time and effort on the caterer’s part, which also ties in with the expense of the event. 

Type of Menu Preferred

The type of menu delivered to guests is the final element to consider when booking your catering. Below are some questions to ask yourself when planning your event:


  • How many dietary requirements are you catering for - e.g. is there a requirement for vegan, halal, vegetarian, dairy-free etc.? 
  • How many courses will there be for the meal?
  • Will the guests get to pick what they want to eat?
  • Will there be hot or cold food?

Corporate Catering Services From Green Bike Food Co. 

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