How Breakfast Catering Can Help You Perform Throughout the Day

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How Breakfast Catering Can Help You Perform Throughout the Day

As the experts have probably told you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is not just hearsay! There are many benefits that are justified by the science behind this.

The following article will explain why it is essential to have breakfast, especially in a corporate setting, and how you can make the consumption of an office breakfast hassle-free!

Why is it Important to Eat a Balanced Breakfast?

Taking the time to eat a balanced breakfast in the morning can lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. Not only this, it can reduce the chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and even being overweight.

Instead of choosing a fatty sausage sandwich smeared in butter and brown sauce, opt for a more sustainable breakfast such as a continental buffet, followed by a fruit and granola pot. Or swap a doughnut or two containing up to 30 grams of sugar for a healthy, nutritional bagel packed with healthy fats and protein. 

Corporate breakfast catering can reduce the risk of energy crashes throughout the day and contribute to creating a healthier lifestyle. 

Health Benefits 

Below are some further health benefits to consider the next time you decide to skip breakfast. Not only is it taking care of your body and stops you from feeling hungry, but it also aids the following:

Jumpstarts Your Metabolism

The body’s systems automatically slow down when we’re asleep, allowing us to recuperate from a hard day's work. Eating breakfast before starting the day wakes your digestive system, ready for the day ahead.

When you don't eat breakfast, your metabolism remains slow. This results from your body believing it needs to conserve your energy, therefore burning fewer calories throughout the rest of the day. 

In doing so, your body loses its routine and struggles to regulate its income of vitamins and minerals, which can even affect your weight. 

Improves Mood

A nutrient-rich, low-fat breakfast will help to control your blood sugar levels until lunchtime, stabilising your mood and preventing mid-morning crashes. After all, nobody likes working in an office with a moody Margaret!

Not only does it help maintain a positive mood, but it has also been proven to signficantly impact mental health and well-being. 

Missing any meal, especially breakfast, can negatively affect your mental health, introducing brain fog and an increase in cortisol, making you feel stressed and anxious. It can also cause an increase in irritability and fatigue - all the more reason to eat a healthy breakfast!

Provides Energy

As well as increasing the effectiveness of your metabolism and improving mood, eating a nutritious, filling breakfast will give your body the energy it needs to boost your performance. 

Whether this is smashing those targets throughout the day or rushing between meetings, being set for the day can help you to continue succeeding.

Improves Concentration

Have you ever been in a situation requiring all your attention, the material you are absorbing is imperative to your job role, but you cannot focus past the feeling of hunger in your stomach? 

Eating breakfast can help eradicate this problem, allowing you to focus on the finer details and succeed further in your job. 

Feeling satisfied will enable you to concentrate and aid in a more productive day. 

Keeps Us from Reaching for Snacks

Everybody is guilty of reaching for snacks now and then. A quick fix after lunch to see you through to dinner during a busy day seems ideal. 

But what happens if the cravings for snacks begin at 10 am and you've begun to delve into the emergency snack stash? Enter breakfast.

Employers can opt to provide a nutritious corporate breakfast catering for employees to start their day right. Many don’t have time to eat before travelling to work and appreciate the availability of sustainable breakfast services like those offered by Green Bike Food Co. 

Healthy and Sustainable Breakfast Corporate Catering from Green Bike Food Co.

If you are looking for healthy alternatives to popular breakfast foods or want more information about sustainable corporate catering, get in touch with Green Bike Food Co today. We are experienced in catering to many businesses and providing excellent catering services to all our customers. 

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