Sustainable Catering in Reading: How You Can Make a Difference

Sustainable Catering in Reading: How You Can Make a Difference

What is Sustainable Catering?

Sustainable catering practices can be actioned by absolutely anybody; through responsible food sourcing and preparation, as well as choosing an eco-friendly mode of transport and ensuring there is a safe and sustainable way of disposing of any waste generated, if at all.


One tip is to invest in locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients from suppliers in your local area. These suppliers take pride in the delivery of their goods. From transportation to packaging, sustainable local suppliers are crucial to making a difference in your community.


Another tip to increase sustainability at your next event is to have environmentally friendly packaging and utensils for guests to use throughout your event. This includes wooden cutlery instead of plastic and glasses to replace single-use plastic cups.


Finally, food waste is critical to consider when hosting a corporate event. Source a reputable caterer who perhaps does things differently than others, for example, storing their catering in fridges powered by renewable electricity or offering an emission-free delivery. 

Why is Sustainable Catering Important for your Local Area?

The most important factor to consider is your event's overall effect on the environment. This includes the impact that food production and consumption will have.


When considering the production and distribution of catering for your event and the efforts to reduce its effect on its surroundings, it is vital to eliminate food waste from the event. 


Sourcing and buying locally also negates the requirement of long-distance travelling and transportation of goods from one far-away destination to another. Less distance travelled equals fewer emissions - a bonus if your sustainable caterer chooses to deliver their services in an environmentally-conscious vehicle too!


Supporting a local food system also encourages others to think responsibly about their sustainability and choices to support their local area. 

Benefits of Sustainable Catering

As previously mentioned, sustainable and eco-friendly catering choices assist in positively impacting the environment and significantly improving a business’s carbon footprint. 


Not only this, sourcing local services lends a huge hand in supporting local businesses and economies to thrive, especially at a time when the cost of living isn't ideal for most. Though many of these businesses may not be the cheapest you could find, you can guarantee they take pride in what they offer and deliver everything in the best way possible. 

What can you do to support sustainable catering in Reading?

When looking to host a corporate event, you should reduce food waste by opting for appropriate portion sizes and composting options after the event. These small details in the planning stages can make a huge difference, not only to the event's outcome but also to its effect on the environment. 


You can also choose to dine in restaurants or order takeaway food from local establishments that prioritise sustainability throughout their processes and aim to improve the impacts on global warming. 

How Can I Find Sustainable Catering Options in Reading?

There are many ways to source a sustainable caterer in Reading by exploring many different avenues. Firstly, you can ask for recommendations on local social networking groups such as Facebook or LinkedIn or via networking groups such as BNI. 


You can also visit group events that promote local caterers and other small businesses to add to a collection of contacts for your every need. 


And last but by no means least, you can find trustworthy and reliable caterers online by researching within your local area (or those who are willing to travel a short way). 

What are Some Sustainable Food Options for Events?

To incorporate a sustainable spin on an event, aim to produce spreads with reduced meat and dairy products. Integrate vegetable-only dishes into your menu to increase sustainability across your catering options. 


Also strive to provide less processed foods, like meats, which will go hand in hand nicely with your meat-free choices and sourcing these from reputable, local caterers. 

Sustainable and Quality Corporate Catering Services From Green Bike Food. 

If you are looking to host an outstanding corporate event in the Reading area and require catering to do so, contact Green Bike Food today. We are highly experienced in providing quality catering for many different types of events and always have sustainability in mind.

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