The Wellness Advantage: How Nutrient-Rich Catering Boosts Employee Health

Caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle is where you can find many workers throughout the UK. Forgetting to take regular breaks, working long hours and neglecting their nutritional health are all common indicators that your employees are in dire need of some nutrient-rich corporate catering. 

The Importance of Employee Health

Any employer worth their salt recognises that their business only succeeds when their employees are it and well. Not only the fact they will perform well at their job but that their health is at the best it can be while they are under your care. 


When employees are well looked after, they are likely to form stronger relationships with their colleagues, which equates to a healthier work environment. When the work environment is healthy, you foster the belief that the workplace should be somewhere where employee health comes first. It also shows you have a genuine interest in the care of your staff.

Demonstrating a Proactive Approach 

To prove to your employees that you genuinely care about their well-being, you must proactively provide for them. Healthy corporate catering is a brilliant way to do just that. Combining delicious food with the opportunity to mingle with others, you have the recipe for success.

Employers who proactively recognise when their employees need a break form strong relationships with the team and are more liked and trusted as managers. The team will feel they can discuss personal issues and not be ashamed to extend the relationship. Corporate catering options, particularly sustainable ones that aim to boost morale, are the perfect way to do this. 

What are the Benefits of Healthy Catering?

Not only does healthy catering improve relationships in the office, but it also has many health benefits that are bound to improve their attitude. Below are four of our favourite health benefits you can expect to see when investing in your health.

1. Lowers Risks of Life-Changing Illnesses

Many know that diet is closely linked to keeping life-changing illnesses at bay. Your risk of heart disease is significantly reduced when you take extra care of what you consume. This also goes for type 2 Diabetes and some Cancers too. 


Not only does it keep serious illnesses at a lower risk, but it also boosts immunity and supports the growth of muscles. 

2. Helps Extend Life-Span

Who isn’t looking to keep a few extra healthy years in the bank? By taking extra care of your daily nutritional choices, you can expect to live out your golden years happily and healthily with the people you love. 

3. Keeps Skin, Teeth and Nails Healthy

Your skin, teeth and nails are three of the most important and obvious elements of the human body that require attention. Choosing the right food is the best way to ensure all three are at peak health. 

4. Helps the Digestive System Function

And finally, we have the upkeep of the digestive system. To keep things moving as they should, phrases like your ‘five a day’ come into play. Keep your diet balanced and ensure regular mealtimes. This makes sure you give your body all the nutrients it requires. 

Healthy and Sustainable Corporate Catering From Green Bike Food

At the Green Bike Food Company, we believe in the power of delicious corporate catering and feel strongly about its effect on an office. If you are looking for a fun and unique way to boost morale in the office, why not check out our fully customisable menu for events or just for your everyday lunch? Contact us today for more information. 

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