Tips and Tricks for Planning the Perfect Catering Menu

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Tips and Tricks for Planning the Perfect Catering Menu

When creating the perfect menu to cater to a broad range of individuals, it's difficult to know where to begin.

Luckily, Green Bike Food Co. has experience providing corporate catering to many people with dishes to suit different dietary requirements; we use excellent quality products all across our diverse menu. From events to Business Catering, we have a wide range of sustainably sourced and locally produced options to choose from.

Below are some tips and tricks for planning the perfect catering menu.

Consider the Type of Food You and Your Guests/Customers Like

Each individual you are catering for will have a different preference for food. Always aim to play it safe with the food you provide for a large group of people; Avoid dairy-heavy or shellfish dishes to eliminate any risks, such as allergies and intolerances. Research which dishes most people prefer and ensure vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher, gluten-free, nut-free and egg-free options for an inclusive experience.

How Can You Balance Their Preferences with Your Budget? 

Before you begin to structure a catering menu, estimating how many guests/customers you will be catering for is a good idea and regulating your menu to maximise your budget. If the budget allows for more up-market nutrition, explore ways to maximise your dishes for the best value for money. Examples of this could include offering a range of different lunches or purchasing high-end individual lunches such as Bento Boxes.

Which Serving Type is Best Suited for Me?

Choosing whether to set out a varied buffet or stick to individual lunches or Bento Boxes may be challenging. Depending on the consumers, some lunch options may be better suited than others.

It's essential to establish the audience for which you are catering for. If you are looking for healthy catering options, or require a strict vegetarian or vegan catering service, look within your local area for businesses able to provide this for you. 

Sustainable and local companies like Green Bike Food Company will be more than happy to provide tasty produce for various corporate events whilst being mindful of their environmental impacts.

To help you decide which choice is best for you, here are some pros and cons of each.


Buffets are a great way to showcase your cuisine to multiple guests at once and allow guests and customers to pick and choose their preferences in the moment. Green Bike Food Co. offer a variety of corporate catering buffet options full of great choices such as sandwiches, cakes and fruit pots, with plenty of options to suit any guest, regardless of dietary requirements.

Individual Lunches  

Preparing individual lunches for customers is the best way to maintain good hygiene levels and ensure each guest receives an equal amount of goods. However, choosing individual lunches may make it harder to please a broader range of customers due to lack of choice. Ultimately, you can take orders ahead of time to provide a corporate catering service tailored to each customer. 

Bento Trays for Executive Meetings

Bento trays, similar to individual lunches, are a brilliant way to serve lunch to customers to ensure equal amounts are distributed amongst everybody. This will also allow you to maximise your budget beforehand whilst providing a varied lunch.


Platters, similar to a buffet, are a great way to show off your presentation skills and lay out food to guests in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Platters are an easy way to bring food to the table; they are very convenient for quickly serving any pre-prepared food and require minimal effort.

Mixture of a Few

People generally like to decide what they fancy eating in the moment. A certified way to ensure every guest is satisfied with the services is to offer a range. Some may prefer to consume food prepared separately, whereas others may be more than happy to browse the buffet.


Corporate Catering That's Good for The Planet

(H2) Corporate Catering That's Good for The Planet

Here at Green Bike Food Co., we are dedicated to ensuring the best quality possible for all our customers. We understand that catering for multiple people at once can be difficult. However, we can work closely with you to tailor the perfect menu for your business and adapt any dietary requirements you may have to suit the catering you desire. 

To find out more information about the services and products we offer or to get in touch about creating the perfect menu for you, please visit

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