5 Unique Catering Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event in Reading

5 Unique Catering Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event in Reading

In 2021 alone, the population of the UK spent a total of £240 billion on food, drink and catering, emphasising that professional corporate catering for events is not something you should ever skimp on.


Catering is one of the most prominent elements that guests remember after an event, so making your spread stand out from others is imperative.


The following blog offers five unique catering experiences to consider for your next event. 

 1. Food Truck Experience

A food truck is the perfect way to deliver unique flavours to any event without asking your guests to travel far to find them. 


Casual events, conferences and pop-up events benefit highly from this catering service, with guests indulging in food from the truck whenever they fancy. You will find that prices on the menu will be considerably less than your average restaurant menu, and the food will be of the same excellent quality, if not better!

 2. Breakfast Reception Service

If you’re looking to put a spin on breakfast catering, try a breakfast reception service. What’s better than being greeted with a selection of hot rolls, pastries, yoghurts and fruit to choose from early in the morning? 

66% of the United Kingdom consider themselves passionate about food and drink, so hosting a breakfast reception service is a sure way to guarantee happiness and satisfaction, even in the early morning. 

 3. Go Local Experience

Another increasingly-popular type of catering is to source everything locally. Whether this is the professional corporate catering company or the food products you are sourcing to make delicious options for all guests, your local area is bound to offer a variety of choices to make your event a success. 


Sourcing your catering from your local area adds the bonus of improving your carbon footprint due to shorter travel times and a decreased distance travelled by the food, especially when choosing sustainable caterers, like Green Bike Food Company; we pride ourselves on Earth-friendly catering and making a difference in our local area. 

 4. Canapes Bar

Canapés are a fast-growing and popular choice for corporate events, especially those with large amounts of socialising. Their bite-sized nature makes them an ideal choice for an appetiser at any event, allowing guests to mingle as they nibble. 

Whether provided as the meal itself or as a starter, preparing guests for the delicious food that follows, their sophisticated touch will bring elegance and professionalism to any corporate event. 

 5. Artisan Doughnut Wall

People cannot get enough of Artisan doughnuts. Weddings, Christmas parties, birthdays, charity events- doughnut walls are always the star of the show. 


Not only do they offer an aesthetically pleasing centrepiece for the catering, but they also make for a delicious breakfast or dessert at any event. Incorporating an Artisan doughnut wall into your corporate event’s catering will guarantee an instagramable event, which will boost branding for your business and assist in raising awareness of the local business that provided it for your event. Win-win!

Customisable and Sustainable Corporate Catering from the Green Bike Food Company

The Green Bike Food Company offer delicious food and tailor-made business catering options for businesses across Reading and the Thames Valley. 

If you’d like to host a business lunch, arrange an office lunch delivery, order online or enquire about how our experienced team of corporate caterers in Reading can help make your next event a success, speak to us! We’d love to help you.


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