How Utilising Healthy and Locally Sourced Products Boosts Your Training Days

‘We’re having our bi-annual training day!’ your manager announces as everybody across the office groans, you included. This day means one thing and one thing only. A boring, tedious, hunger-filled day listening to the same presentation you’ve heard many times.

Until your manager adds, ‘There will be catering for all to enjoy’. Suddenly, you’re excited for the upcoming training day. Not for the training but to experience fresh, locally sourced corporate catering options for the first time. 

If you’re a local business or an employee of one who can relate to this scenario, you’ve landed in the right place. Find out how corporate catering can boost your training days with nutritional choices for everybody. Let's dive in!

Why Do Businesses Have Training Days?

Training days are scheduled for teaching employees about topics such as workplace culture and health and safety. They often refresh necessary skills for the staff to ensure all practices are up to scratch, providing optimal knowledge on each job role. 

These training days allow businesses to gather together in one room with no other agenda. By dedicating this time to employee learning, you can rest assured that your team is fully equipped to boost business success. 

Sometimes, these training days are standard procedure, providing a refresher on existing systems and enhancing business progress. But what does catering have to do with a training day? Let’s find out.

Training Days and Corporate Catering

Catering is a surefire way to guarantee spiked attention spans and high engagement. Adding the additional excitement of corporate catering makes the meeting more than your run-of-the-mill business gathering, and turns it into a fun, enjoyable experience that employees will look forward to in the future.  

Providing catering to employees also breaks up the day, rather than delivering a solid block of training all in one go. The average human can only focus on a task for around 15 to 20 minutes, even less when they are hungry and thinking about lunch. Here are our top three ideas to consider for your next training day.

 1. Sharing Platters

You are guaranteed to win the hearts of the office with a sharing platter. With various combinations of colours and flavours to choose from, there will be something for everybody to enjoy. 

Think about including sandwiches, pastries, and smaller, picky bits such as crisps and dips.

 2. Afternoon Tea

Providing the team with an afternoon tea on your next training day is a classy spin on a traditional meeting. For those employees looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, an afternoon tea is the ideal way to do this. 

Combining light pastries and scones with cream, jams, and tea is a brilliant way of adding a touch of sophistication to any office space, regardless of the agenda. 

 3. Breakfast Boxes

Breakfast boxes make for a fantastic choice for those day-long early morning starts. Kickstarting the meeting with a healthy, nutritional breakfast guarantees peak performance and engagement levels throughout the day.

By setting the tone, you are proving to employees that a training day is a positive experience, leaving them excited for the next one. 

Delicious Training Day Catering From Green Bike Food

All set for your next training day? Got your PowerPoint ready and the print-out sheets sorted? We can guarantee you haven’t got locally produced corporate catering options available unless you’ve chosen us!

We pride ourselves on delicious, flexible menus with whole packages ready to be delivered straight to your door. For more information on how we can transform your next training day, get in touch!

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