How to Cater for Large Corporate Summer Events

Summer is upon us. If you want to host the perfect corporate event, you have come to the right place. Below, we delve into the summer essentials, including all you need to know about what to include in your planning and the best ways to make your corporate summer event successful.

Covering all the Essentials

Throwing corporate parties in the summer months is fast becoming the most popular way to celebrate a mid-year milestone and bring the team together to bond over some delicious food and good times. 


Celebrating all the hard work throughout the year so far is becoming just as important as the end-of-year Christmas celebrations. With delicious corporate catering, music, mingling, considering the chosen venue, seating arrangements, cutlery and invitations for the guests, there can be a lot to think about when planning a corporate summer party.   


However, fear not! We have put together this comprehensive guide to catering for such an event and the who and how of everything that needs to be factored in. 

The Food You’ll Serve

Planning the food you will have to serve guests depends on a number of different factors. 


Firstly, you will need an estimate of how many guests will attend to know how much catering you will need. Professional corporate caterers will be more than happy to assist in tailoring your event to suit the number of attendees. 


The food will ultimately depend on the event you are throwing and the company culture. Budget will play a massive part in deciding what you can afford to offer and incorporating any themes into what you choose to serve. 


You must be mindful of dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, dairy-free, meat-free and so on. Choosing to serve individual buffet catering options is the ideal way to ensure there is something for everybody to enjoy while keeping the vibe fun and casual. 

Drinks For The Guests

Nothing says ‘summer party’ like a healthy variety of beverages to serve to guests. If there is alcohol offered to guests, we highly recommend that enough food is provided to soak some of it up to keep things under control!


One of the best ways to ensure there is enough to go around is selecting a smaller beverage package serving beer, wine and sparkling drinks and filling out other options with plenty of non-alcoholic options such as water, juices and soft drinks. Similarly, you could serve cocktails to guests but limit this to a certain number of drinks per guest. 

Venue Where The Event Will Be Held

Choosing where to host your event is vital to determine who can attend. Choosing a venue close to public transport is advisable to ensure that those travelling from further distances can attend with ease. 


The size of the venue will also depend on how many guests can attend and if any guests with mobility requirements need to be accommodated. 

Theme of the Event

Themes are a fun and easy way to bring guests together with a laugh. Ensure that the participation requirements are minimal, affordable, and optional. For example, you could ask guests to wear a hat or particular colour to your event to make things fun. This way, guests can easily remove items to make them more comfortable for the remainder of the event.

Activities for Guests to Enjoy

Setting up some team-building exercises is an ideal way to encourage bonding within a team and also introduces individuals who may not have worked together before to get to know each other better. This will ultimately result in stronger working relationships inside the workplace and friendships outside of working hours. It can also take the attention away from the amount of alcohol being consumed and provides a fun atmosphere for all involved. 


No party is complete without some summer tunes. Music is the most effective way to lift the mood of the event and get guests partying and dancing together. Choose a variety of genres to play at your party to cater to all music tastes and include some anthems such as the cha-cha slide and YMCA to get everybody moving. 

Anything Extras to Tailor Your Party

Nobody knows your team quite like you. You will know what gems they will appreciate for a party. Whether this is the food, theme or even decorations for all to enjoy, the possibilities for tailoring your event to suit your team are endless. 

Sustainable and Customisable Corporate Catering From Green Bike Food Co. 

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