Healthy, Eco-Friendly Catering In Oxford: How You Can Improve Your Eating Lifestyle

Healthy, Eco-Friendly Catering In Oxford: How You Can Improve Your Eating Lifestyle

Why a Balanced Diet is Crucial for Your Well-Being

A balanced diet protects you against nasty and unwanted chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These diseases can cause detrimental health declines that can impact your daily life and ultimately, in some cases, shorten your lifespan. 


However, integrating a healthy and balanced diet into your everyday life maintains your blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels, lowering your risk of developing heart disease.


How to Identify Areas of Your Eating Habit to Improve 

When unhealthy eating becomes the norm, recognising when things need to change can often be tricky. 


However, changing too much too quickly can be just as harmful as not changing anything at all. Doing so can confuse your body and lead to an unsuccessful permanent change. The aim of improving your eating is to solidify it into a habit, not just an improvement for a short time. 


Below, we have outlined some tips to help improve your eating habits and make healthy choices for good.


Look at the Unhealthy Eating Habits

You should begin by evaluating the primary triggers that cause you to engage in healthy eating habits. This could include emotional eating, eating when you go out, unrealistic working hours… the list goes on. 

Choose which trigger you would like to start working on first. As such a journey can be tough to remain consistent with, don’t forget to recognise times when you have done the right thing and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. 

Create a List of “Cues”

One of the best ways to remain accountable for your changes is to keep a detailed food diary. This diary should ideally include the foods you have eaten, the times you ate and how you felt. Doing so can help you to understand patterns in your habits better. 


It’s often what is called an ‘environmental cue’ that causes us to eat for reasons other than hunger. Understanding these cues will help you to change these habits for good. 

Replace Unhealthy Habits With New, Healthy Ones

Though choosing to eat healthier is a habit in itself, a few smaller habits that can assist you in reaching your overall goal. 


For example, putting your knife and fork down in between mouthfuls ensures that your body has a decent amount of time to register when it’s full rather than finishing the whole meal or snack quickly. It’s also worth minimising the amount of distractions you have around you when eating to ensure you're fully focused on how your body is feeling as it eats. 

Eat Only When You’re Truly Hungry

Being in tune with the connection between your emotions and your hunger is the key to beating snacking. When you start to feel the need to eat out of boredom, find an activity that will keep your mind occupied, such as going for a walk or cycling around your local area. 

Working on maintaining this routine can make all the difference to eating irregularly, which often causes glucose spikes and crashes, leading to further irregularity in mood. 

Plan Meals Ahead of Time

Planning meals can ensure you stay on track and let you know when your next meal or snack is coming. 

As a nation, we also have a wide variety of healthy catering options from professional caterers who proudly showcase their ingredients and positive impacts on the diet scene. Think about asking external restaurants what they have in their food to ensure you have a greater understanding of what you are consuming. 

Healthy, Sustainable and Customisable Corporate Catering from Green Bike Food.

At Green Bike Food, we are professionals at delivering healthy corporate catering to offices in your local area. From the Thames Valley area, north to Oxford or East towards London, we provide fully customisable and sustainable breakfasts and lunches to busy workforces. 

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