Is Green Bike Food Catering Only About Food?

Is Green Bike Food Catering Only About Food?

Saving the planet is the greatest business challenge of the 21st century – whilst delicious food is our main priority, these are the 4 ways in which we are joining the sustainability revolution.

As the digital revolution before it, the sustainability revolution provides one of the most significant challenges and opportunities for businesses in the coming decades. Customers are voting with their wallets to demand change and align with brands that share their values. Whilst certain companies are joining this change faster than others, a large majority are continuing with a business as usual (BAU) approach.

At Green Bike Food Co, we’re working to radically disrupt the BAU approach and offer our customers products produced using almost no carbon emissions, less waste and more health benefits curated towards wellness. Although we’re a small start-up, the following steps highlight exactly how the rapidly developing sustainability movement is at the forefront of our business model.

1. Our Green Fleet is completely Carbon Free

What’s better than demolishing a perfectly packaged lunch? Demolishing guilt-free lunches with less impact on the environment. Our lunches are delivered by our electric fleet made up of EAV bikes, electric vans and an electric tuk-tuk. This all-star line-up produces 0 carbon emission because it’s charged by our renewable energy unit (which also powers our kitchen). The day-to-day running of a business is often second nature and things like energy bills can often be disregarded. Consequently, this is one of the first places we started to help tackle our sustainable energy strategy.


What’s more, our range of vehicles allows us to tailor the deliveries and optimise timings. Certain vehicles have large cargo areas, ensuring that multiple deliveries can be made using just one vehicle. For instance, our EAV bike carries up to 10 different orders, cutting down our delivery times to guarantee faster and more efficient deliveries. Just to make things even sweeter, our EAV bikes use cycle lanes, reducing the congestion on roads

2. Supporting local businesses and offices

We’re keeping things local by reducing transportation effects through the location of the company itself. Green Bike HQ is based in Reading but offers nutritious breakfasts and lunches across Berkshire in areas such as Slough, Camberly, Bracknell, Basingstoke, and High Wycombe. By catering to clusters of local offices, it reduces travel times between each delivery and lowers our carbon costs. For instance, you can catch our new electric tuk-tuk delivering freshly made coffee and cakes around local business parks. Better yet, all our suppliers are Reading based. Thus, when you order from us, you’re both supporting local businesses and reducing negative environmental externalities by reducing delivery costs. 

3. Recyclable and Compostable Packaging

All our packaging is recyclable or compostable, finding eco-friendly alternatives to disposable packaging. All compostable trays are made from organic materials and are great at events like office parties or meetings. While our packaging is still technically single-use, we re-use what can be cleaned, and every material in our supply line can be disposed of in a sustainable manner.

Moreover, we use the “Just in Time Technique” which allows our businesses to decrease waste by placing orders with suppliers and using equipment only when it is needed. This means we reduce our food waste because we order in exactly what we need to make our tasty corporate buffets.

4. Our Partnership with Stripe to help take carbon out of the atmosphere.

We recently celebrated our new partnership with Stripe Climate, where a portion of our revenue goes towards the removal of carbon from the environment. With Stripe Climate, you can direct a fraction of your revenue to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies in just a few clicks. So, when you choose to eat with Green Bikes, you are funding cutting-edge climate change solutions.


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