Lunch Hour Unleashed: Innovative Concepts for Lunchtime Socials

Lunchtime - for many, is seen as, ‘the hour you can sit at your desk and eat a sandwich in the middle of the day’. But we like to think of lunchtime as the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of the working day and mingle with colleagues outside of the office environment.


This blog explores everything there is to know about lunchtime socials and why they are fast becoming a popular lunch-hour activity. 

What is a Lunchtime Social?

A lunchtime social is an allocated period around lunchtime when employees can gather together in a shared space to take a break. Providing the opportunity to mingle and grab a bite to eat together allows employees to decompress from the stress of the day and catch up with each other on any personal gossip. 


Lunchtime socials provide a well-needed break that employees can dedicate to themselves without having to rush their lunch to get more work done. 

Why Should You Host a Lunchtime Social?

Lunchtime socials help to boost productivity in the office by providing a well-deserved split in the middle of the working day. Employees, given the opportunity to take some time to themselves, feel as though they are valued as an integral part of the business and won’t feel overworked. 


Providing corporate catering during a lunchtime social gives employees the chance to choose a healthier option over that of their standard fast-food and non-nutritional choices.


Benefits of Professional Corporate Catering 

So what are some of the benefits of providing corporate catering for your employees? Below are our top three reasons for doing so. 

Stress-Free Solution

First of all, having a professional corporate caterer provide all of the essential services for your event takes the stress off of you, the employer, and gives you more time to mingle with your team, strengthening the bond between you both inside and outside the office. 


Having corporate catering at your work event also means there is no requirement for you to purchase food and drink ahead of time, factoring in storage facilities like fridges and freezers, as well as fuel consumption and time wasted travelling to  various shops. 


Healthier Than Other Options

Being a professional corporate catering company ourselves, we have the industry knowledge to deliver the best service we possibly can. This includes the ideal ingredients to use in all of our dishes and the right combination of each food group to ensure we pack each option full of satisfaction for the rest of the day. 

Affordable Professionalism

Many are put off the ideal of corporate catering through fear it will blow the entire business budget in one sitting. However, catering doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg in order to provide an impressive spread for your employees.

Choosing a catering company that  uses fresh and sustainable ingredients in conjunction with a mindful delivery method, means you have the recipe for the perfect lunchtime social. 

Sustainable Lunchtime Catering Options from Green Bike Food

At Green Bike Food Co., we are committed to delivering not only the tastiest lunchtime choices for your employees but also highly sustainable and fully customisable menus for your lunchtime needs. If you would like more information on how we can cater for your next event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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