Corporate Catering: Top 9 Foods for Sharing in the Office

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Returning to the office post-COVID is on the agenda for many businesses in the Thames Valley, if they haven’t already returned. 

As such, many companies have rethought their corporate catering needs in the wake of the pandemic. They’ve also looked at ways that communal catering could be improved to keep costs down and make eating in the office appealing for their staff, guests and customers while being COVID-safe.

Office Catering Brings People Together

Nothing brings people together like food, so it’s a great incentive to encourage collaborative, in-person working. Coordinated events are a great example of where sharing food platters, or buffet-style catering can be incredibly effective for forthcoming business meetings, corporate events and networking occasions


The Green Bike Food Company are happy to provide nutritious and cost-effective catering for businesses of all sizes. 


If you’re in Reading or the Thames Valley, The Green Bike Food Company can provide cost-effective, delicious catering services regularly or as a one-off, and we’ve shared some ideas to consider as you bring your workforce back together.

1. Sandwich, Roll and Wrap Platters

With an exhaustive range of fillings available, our sandwiches, rolls, and wraps are a great, simple choice to feed everyone.

2. Indian Platters

Complete with tasty onion bhajis, vegetable pakoras and samosas, Indian platters are an excellent choice for any office, especially since our traditional Indian sharing platters are dairy-free and vegan-friendly!

3. Antipasti Platters

Our Antipasti platters are an excellent way to bring delicious Mediterranean cuisine to your office, including Danish Milano, chorizo, salami and prosciutto, as well as flatbreads, sun-dried tomatoes and assorted olives.

4. Best of British Platters

The Green Bike Food Company’s British platters are a fantastic way to bring everyone together, with classic favourites such as savoury quiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, cocktail sausages and pork pies.

5. Cheese Ploughman’s or Cheese and Biscuits Platters

Our cheese and ploughman’s platters come with an assortment of cheese, along with biscuits and crackers, with our ploughman’s platter also including savoury quiche, hams, silverskin onions, and a delicious chutney alongside.

6. Hot Breakfast Rolls 

Our hot breakfast rolls are an excellent choice for people to enjoy together, freshly made and delivered hot with ketchup and brown sauce sachets, with tasty filling options such as bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs and vegan sausages.

7. Crudites and Dips

A simple, delicious and very healthy option, our crudites and dips platter includes a selection of dips such as guacamole, sour cream & chive, and red pepper houmous, including fabulous freshly cut vegetables and flatbread to dip.

8. Skewers

Cooked especially for you by our exceptional chefs, our tender, seasoned chicken fillet skewers make for a fantastic and appetising meal for your office.

9. Desserts and Sweet Treats

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll adore the wide range of desserts and sweet treats we offer, including scones, cookies, cakes and pastries.

Lighter Lunch Catering Options

Why not consider our lighter lunch packages, continental breakfasts, working lunches or networking lunch platters? 


We’d be happy to configure our packages based on the number of people you need to be catered to, and we can provide plenty of bespoke options for you. We also offer smaller options, such as customisable snack platters to fit any and all needs.

Benefits of Sharing Office Catering Food

  • Keep people connected Good food is great for bringing and keeping people together and connected. Having a wide range of office catering choices makes for an excellent way for everyone to get to know each other!
  • Positive environment When people eat, they’re much happier, so what better way to encourage a positive environment in your office than to provide delicious buffet lunch catering for your staff? With our vast range of options, everyone will be happy!
  • Healthier habitsEncouraging everyone to eat healthier foods is a great way to create new, healthier habits that promote happiness and productivity for everyone in the workplace.
  • Trust building According to published researcher Kaitlin Woolley, eating together builds trust and cooperation in everyone, from strangers to close friends, this means that sharing office catering food will help spur teamwork and collaboration between everyone in your office.

Bespoke Corporate Catering Company in Reading

The Green Bike Food Company offer delicious food and tailor-made business catering options for businesses across Reading and the Thames Valley. 


If you’d like to host a business lunch, arrange an office lunch delivery, order online or enquire about how our experienced team of corporate caterers in Reading can help make your next event a success, speak to us! We’d love to help you.


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