Why are Bento Boxes so Popular for Business Catering?

Bento Box with Fried Chicken

Why are Bento Boxes so Popular for Business Catering?

Bento boxes are becoming increasingly popular around the world. With the ease of having all your food in one place to the practicality of taking it everywhere with you, bento boxes have features to suit everybody.

Despite the increase in popularity, many are yet to discover bento boxes and the endless possibilities they can offer to improve health as well as wealth by creating affordable portions.

Our latest blog outlines precisely what a bento box consists of and how you can customise them to suit all kinds of lifestyles.

What is a Bento Lunch Box?

Bento boxes are currently used worldwide for convenience and practicality and are so easy to make. Originating from Japan, their worldwide success has helped people turn boring lunches into fun, nutritional ways to eat healthier.

A bento box is a single-serving packed meal that is already assembled beforehand. This makes them the perfect solution for crafting a quick, easy lunch to take anywhere with you.

The boxes are convenient for hard workers who don’t always have access to a microwave during their working day. As everything is prepared and the food is already portioned, there is no need to reheat anything.

Bento boxes cater to most food categories, including fruit and veg, protein and carbohydrates, with an equal blend of each to ensure that all nutritional needs are met. The adaptability of these boxes mean that everybody’s preferences are catered to and nobody will go without.

The variety of options available means that bento boxes can also cater to dietary requirements such as halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian, egg-free, dairy-free and many more. 

When Did Bento Boxes Become Popular?

Bento boxes can be found to date back to the 12th century when workers in Japan would carry the boxes around for ease. As they worked hard, they could look forward to a quick and affordable meal prepared the night before.

Moving forward into the 21st century, bento boxes are still achieving the same fantastic results and, even better, are a fierce competitor for business lunches and corporate events. Being able to serve individual lunches to employees during meetings and events easily proves popular among crowds. 

As the food items are all separated from one another, bento boxes can also showcase the endless combinations of food that can be added and create masterpieces for all employees to enjoy!

Impress Clients in Business Meetings

Whether it be a big event or a business lunch meeting, bento boxes are always an excellent choice for impressing your employees or clients.

For example, you could offer employees a tasty salmon bento tray or chargrilled chicken bento tray packed with flavour and bursting with nutritional value. 

Choosing sustainable, local caterers like the Green Bike Food Co. to deliver meals right to the office will leave your employees feeling satisfied and revived following lunch rather than sluggish and sleepy, ultimately leading to better concentration levels and improved work performance.

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Nutritious and Customisable Bento Trays From Green Bike Food Co.

Green Bike Bento boxes are bursting with nutritious choices to suit any individual's lunch choices. With vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available, everybody can enjoy a bento box hand-crafted by the professionals at the Green Bike Food Co.

The ability to customise your boxes offers a vast range of different combinations of lunches and snacks to sustain you throughout the day. Get in touch today for more information on the bento trays we offer.

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