How to Choose a Good Catering Company

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How to Choose a Good Catering Company

It may be challenging to choose the best catering company for your needs when the possibilities seem endless. When some promise quality food, others boast about affordable prices. But how can you find the best of both worlds in a local catering company near you? Here are a few points to look out for when choosing the best catering company for you. 

What Makes a Good Catering Company?

Excellent Customer Service -

Putting together a Sunday roast within your household can be stressful enough, let alone trying to choose a caterer for a large gathering. Choosing a catering company that prides itself on good customer service alleviates the stress of hosting. 

The better the customer service, the more trustworthy the company. Nobody likes to be ghosted when asking about their goujons!

Fair Pricing -

The market for good quality food is growing by the day, but so are the prices. Finding a company that prices its food fairly and in line with the quality they provide is vital.

Sustainability -

Incorporating less waste and plastic into the food industry is a great way to help the planet. Finding a company which prides itself on sustainability is essential for improving everybody’s carbon footprint!

Broad Range of Products -

Our clients may have specific dietary requirements or allergies. You could be a fussy eater or enjoy anything. A wide range of foods to choose from is always a bonus, we know this, and it’s why we try to offer the broadest range of foods possible.

What to Look for in a Local Catering Company

Experience -

Naturally, when looking for a catering company, you should always have the event you’re planning in mind. Looking for a catering company with experience in providing catering solutions for your type of event is crucial. From sharing platters to lunch buffets and breakfast boxes, Green Bike Food are a local, experienced expert in commercial catering!

Reviews - 

You should always look through recent reviews left for the company and see how many happy customers would recommend the business. Finding other companies or customers in your area who have benefited from their services is an excellent way to ensure they’re good at what they do - which is why many of our customers come to us through referrals!

Local Commitment -

Reputable local catering companies tend to know their areas well. It will be no problem for them to adjust accordingly to the needs of local customers. Those known to go the extra mile will be the ones to trust - caterers like Green Bike Food understand that customer satisfaction is key!

Local Produce -

A sustainable, reliable caterer will source their goods locally from sustainable producers, helping to grow the local community and lower fuel emissions by delivering locally - although, with Green Bike Food, you don’t have to worry about emissions at all!

Picking What’s Right for You

Doing your research into catering companies can sometimes be tough. Still, by following the key points we’ve addressed, you can narrow down the choice of catering companies to use and will separate the trustworthy companies from those that should be avoided - the reviews don't lie!

At Green Bike Food Company, we run on 0 transport emissions, making use of renewable energy for our electric vehicles. Paired with fully recyclable and compostable packaging, you can be sure you’re making a sustainable choice for our planet. 

Eco-Friendly Caterers You Can Trust

If you’re conscious about the planet, you’ll know how important sustainability is, and we agree! At Green Bike Food Company, we offer tasty, fresh and local eco-friendly corporate catering. We’re committed to saving the environment, and we’d love for you to join us in that, one sandwich at a time!

If you’d prefer to discuss bespoke options for your corporate event or office meeting, then please get in touch or call us directly on 01189758198. We’d be delighted to help you.


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